Why This Innovating Play?


It is questionable if traditional lotteries provide for fair play. ‘All For One’ is fully transparent. Verified Contract Source Code is available for inspection @ 0x49a6E5b6c0801D9775938A0201F85448cca11fCb

Win With 100% Of The Prize Pool

From our perspective, each lottery game should give back equivalent to what it collects. ‘All For One’ is designed exactly like that.

Founding Science

Because having fun playing ‘All For One’ helps to found scientific research that will have an immense impact on Earth and our Environment. Winner gets 90% of ETH collected in each round + 10% of the corresponding amount in VfSE tokens. Vacuum (f) Space Energy token is a part of Vacuum Foundation which is committed to advancing the research and education of vacuum (Extraction Of Limitless Clean Energy), as well as collaboration with other researchers and inventors to make relevant findings available to the public.

Guaranteed Win In Each Round

Why should one have to wait for jackpot if it can be given in every round? If only 2 players will play the game, the jackpot, of course, won’t be big, but the winner will still double his investment (minus gas for the transaction). Imagine when thousands will play the game and jackpot will be 100% guaranteed. Every single time!

Equal Treatment Of All Concerned

Each player (crypto address) has an equal chance of winning.

The World’s First Truly Fair Play Game