Why This Innovating Play?


VfSE Lottery is fully transparent. Verified Contract Source Code is available for inspection @ 0x4b675B8429224134c05d1D519Eb07b4448fEBbE9

Win With 100% Of The Prize Pool

VfSE Lottery is designed exactly like that.

Funding Scientific Advancements

Because having fun playing ‘All For One’ helps to fund scientific research that will have an immense impact on Earth and our Environment. Vacuum (f) Space Energy token is a part of Vacuum Foundation which is committed to advancing the research and education of vacuum (Extraction Of Limitless Clean Energy), as well as collaboration with other researchers and inventors to make relevant findings available to the public.

Guaranteed Win In Each Round

Why should one have to wait for jackpot if it can be given in every round?

Equal Treatment Of All Concerned

Each payment (crypto address) has an equal chance of winning. In a single round. you can play as many times as you want. Each payment act as independent player.